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FC Bayern casilando

With the shotgun

The leadership of FC Bayern has taken the floor with a vehement media scolding. They have every right to do so. But above all, the ...
Glenn Loflin October 30, 2018

Society’s Role in Sports

Sports has always played a significant role in society for decades if not centuries. Today, it is a well invested recreational activity that boosts international ...
Glenn Loflin July 11, 2018

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Sports Show

German sports fever slots

Gerhard Delling has added a new colour to the sports moderation: take the athletes seriously, not so much the sport. With Sidekick Günter Netzer he created a very special genre.

Delling and Netzer, of course. That was one of the lasting couples in television history like Wum and Wendelin, Stöver and Brockmöller, Heinz Schenk and Lia Wöhr, Kuli and his butler, Harald Schmidt and Manuel Andrack. One was unthinkable without the other for years. Netzer stopped being a TV expert and sidekick in 2010, and since then viewers have had a kind of phantom pain when watching Delling on TV. Something was missing.

At the age of 60, Delling will follow his old TV buddy Netzer in April next year and leave ARD, as he announced on Thursday. “Sportschau” without Delling, ARD international games without Delling. Actually hardly imaginable. But that was what Heribert Fassbender and Ernst Huberty thought. There was also a “sports show” after Hans-Joachim Rauschenbach and Eberhard Stanjek.

Nevertheless, this Gerhard Delling will be missed. Because he was a kind of trendsetter who presented sport, especially football, in a different way. When you see him in front of the camera, you always have the feeling that this man takes the athletes seriously, but not necessarily the sport as a whole. The subtext always resonates in his presentations: People, it’s just sport.

fever slots

Without making a big fuss

That was precisely the recipe for success of the Delling/Netzer combination. There were two people standing at their little bar table, in the background a bubbling stadium atmosphere, who do not define themselves as the centre of their lives through football. They can talk about it, for hours if need be, without losing their face. Always a little bit of mockery in the voice, at best a mild smile about this excitement football, but just don’t let it infect you.

And then there were the little teases between the two, the deliberate playing with each other, the sometimes demonstrative bad mood that Netzer embodied, so that they were compared to the Muppets sour maws Waldorf and Statler, who have something to complain about: None of this had been seen before on German sports television. Above all, they cultivated it at a time when sports coverage on television was becoming increasingly hysterical, screaming and louder. An island of unexcitement between all the marketers of football.

Probably that was what excited Rudi Völler, the German team boss at the time, the most when in 2003, after the DFB international match in Iceland against the two of them on ARD, he went to his famous rage suada. That Delling and Netzer never waved the patriotic flag, that they stayed cool when right and left the exuberance raged, that they pointed out mistakes rather than strengths. Völler complained in the ARD studio of the sports populist Waldemar Hartmann about “shit” and “cheese”, knowing full well that this is exactly the language style that Delling and Netzer would never use. Waldemar Hartmann was then awarded the Media Prize for Language Culture for advertising contracts for wheat beer, Netzer and Delling. There is no better way to describe the difference.

After twelve years, tiredness came

After twelve years of partnership, the duo had become tired and experienced, as is the case in everyday relationships. The mutual piesackerries had worn each other out, expert knowledge was only rarely heard from the two of them, the flappiness took over, in the end one noticed that the interest of the two in what they had reported about was exhausted. Then it was time to part. Netzer alias Statler said goodbye, Waldorf continued, tormenting himself a little with expert successor Mehmet Scholl, but it wasn’t the same anymore.

Delling had long since developed into a face of North German Radio, he spent his whole life more or less in the north except for one station at SWR, from Rendsburg to his studies in Kiel to his jobs at NDR. Again and again he tried to do something other than sports. He hosted the NDR talk show, he also had his own personality show “Dellings Woche“, he even helped out as a presenter with the daily topics, his horizon has always been wider, but he never made the leap out of sport. Fever Slots also offers bingo which is named Fever bingo.

He wrote his biography six years ago. Gerhard Delling reviewed 50 years of the Bundesliga in 2012, “and how I experienced them”. When the league started in 1963, he was just four years old and played HSV victories on the street in Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein. The league is now 56 years old, Delling 59. His motivation, “which has driven me all these years”, he describes in the book “Die Begeisterung für den Sport und die Menschen, die mit tun tun.” (The enthusiasm for sport and the people involved). He had the enthusiasm, he has, but he has not allowed himself to be overwhelmed by it.

With the shotgun

FC Bayern casilando

The leadership of FC Bayern has taken the floor with a vehement media scolding. They have every right to do so. But above all, the performance makes it clear how much the club needs renewal.

Well, the journalists shouldn’t write anymore that the squad of FC Bayern is outdated, otherwise Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge threaten with legal steps. Okay, but hopefully you can. But hopefully one can still write that the management of FC Bayern is increasingly showing signs of an ageing population.

The short term press conference of the Munich club at noon speaks anyhow for the fact that after so many decades of the regency Hoeneß/Rummenigge a certain loss of reality at the top of the club can hardly be denied any more.

It is of course permissible to stand in front of one’s own players. And it’s understandable that the Bavarian leadership doesn’t like many an article about their pros’ form crisis. That’s something you can and should address. Journalists have to be able to endure that.

Juan Bernat Honours

Bayern Munich

  • Bundesliga: 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18
  • DFB-Pokal: 2015–16
  • DFL-Supercup: 2016, 2018

Spain U19

  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship: 2012

Bundesliga casilando

In his next breath Bernat sharply criticized

In the next breath, however, even the former Bayern player Juan Bernat to criticize hard because he no longer plays for FC Bayern, the Bavarian bosses immediately ruin their own strategy again. Especially since Hoeneß always happens to harshly attack former Bavarian players or coaches and throw clay at them – as if it were a sacrilege to leave this club. Felix Magath, Jürgen Klinsmann, Louis van Gaal, Douglas Costa, Philipp Lahm: The list is so long and so incomplete.

Hoeneß and Rummenigge, with their attacks on others over many years, have managed to set points of attraction. Mostly at a precisely calculated time. The Bundesliga then only discussed it, and the Bavarian bosses were satisfied. Mission accomplished. Mission accomplished.

But the attacks on Friday at the press conference fall back on the attackers at the end of the day, to quote a Rummenigge classic. That was no longer the old department attack. That was instead shooting with shot, undirected, scattered in all directions. In the end, this press conference had only an involuntary entertainment character. Thus one destroys one’s own monument. And there remains the impression of merely wanting to distract from the current sporting malaise. That is too transparent.

“An important day for FC Bayern”

“Today is an important day for FC Bayern,” Rummenigge opened the half-hour curtain sermon. And at least he must have been right about that. Anyone who has seen this press conference will realise that the glorious FC Bayern needs renewal. Heads and limbs. And in the midst of all this sits the almost regrettable sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, who was allowed to insert two sentences in a dutiful manner.

It was the first press conference this year that Hoeneß, Rummenigge and Salihamidzic gave together. God knows what had been rumored in advance, what could be proclaimed there: The speculations ranged from resignations to the introduction of a new major sponsor. And then came this: the Hornberger shooting with the shotgun. Casilando aims to make its members feel like kings and queens.

Coach Niko Kovac, who one hour before had informed the journalists about the sporting after four compulsory games without a win, spoke out against “actionism”. One can only hope that it does not get now from the lawyers of the Bavaria guidance post office.

That’s it

FC Bayern betsupremacy

Marco Fuchs has been a fan of FC Bayern for 38 years. To put it better: He was a fan. Because even if our author is capable of suffering – the most recent press conference of the club bosses was too much for him.

There are things that are difficult to explain to other people without directly providing a truckload of context. In my case: I became a fan of Bavaria because of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

That sounds strange from today’s point of view, perhaps very, very strange. To my justification: In 1980 Rummenigge was a great footballer and FC Bayern was one of five to six clubs that shared a favourite role and attention. So that was okay and you can’t get your favourite club out of you.

The hostilities were always easy to iron out. The envy leads the pen and generally: What is not for a wonderfully solidary association, which does so much good. Here a loan, there a charity game, from Dortmund to St. Pauli the helping hand was extended. This ex-player was financially supported, because his career was in the bucket, this young star accompanied by marriage problems through difficult phases.

Arrogant? Of course, but also with heart points.

Then came age, the profession of journalist, which already educates to distance. From a fan I became a sympathizer. Hoeneß re-election, Qatar commitment: It was becoming increasingly difficult to rejoice in victories with a clear conscience and to be annoyed by defeats, and this required a shaken dose of “belly beats head”.

I happened to see today’s press conference during a parents’ visit. In the old children’s room, where the Bayern-Bochum friendship scarf still hangs over the seat, the old teddy bear wears an FCB fan cap.

After 30 minutes of Hoeneß, Rummenigge, Salihamidzic I could finally clear my youth. Countering criticism with reference to human dignity, to Article 1 of the Basic Law? How far would football like to rise above itself?

Uli Hoeneß Honours 


Bayern Munich
  • Bundesliga: 1971–72, 1972–73, 1973–74
  • DFB-Pokal: 1970–71
  • European Cup: 1973–74, 1974–75, 1975–76
  • Intercontinental Cup: 1976


West Germany
  • FIFA World Cup winner: 1974
  • UEFA European Championship winner: 1972; runner-up: 1976

World Cup betsupremacy

Forward defence between being insulted and building carriages

Respect was demanded for the players, just to nail the Spanish footballer Juan Bernat to the wall two minutes later. Just as countless players and coaches have been accused of bad things in recent years. Bavarian supreme discipline Nachtreten.

Astonishment and bewilderment alternated when watching this unworthy spectacle. Instead of “dirt” he should have rather said that Mesut Özil had played “crap”, Hoeneß mocked from the podium. A forward defence between being insulted and building a wagon castle – those should be my colours, that should be the club I have assigned to myself in the circle of friends and office?

For the fans of all the other clubs this may have been a delicious head-shaking pleasure, pure comedy gold. For me, this meant a very melancholic one: “That’s it.”

As a football fan, you push many things away. That’s not an exclusive attitude on the part of Bavarian sympathizers. Betsupremacy is a good casino, which would be a good choice for video slot players.

But with all the love, with all the acclaimed and cursed games in the past 38 years: At some point it’s just too much.

Society’s Role in Sports

Sports has always played a significant role in society for decades if not centuries. Today, it is a well invested recreational activity that boosts international tourism and revenue levels. Globally, we see highly publicized sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, Olympics, and so many more.

Public Figures


The nature of sports has seen public figures advocate for health brands and promotions like David Beckham and Usain Bolt. These types of campaigns rallied by popular sports athletes have an overall effect on economic, cultural, and political aspects of society as a whole.

Boosting Economies, Breaking Stigmas

Today Soccer Results

Every year there is are countries hosting major sports events like the Soccer World Cup being held in Russia this year. These events improve revenues and tourism levels by significant amounts.

Sports has the ability to give individuals in society an identity with their professional sports careers. The worldwide stigma of gender-specific roles within well-known sports endeavors has been cracked wide open. It’s no longer just about male UFC martial arts fighters anymore. Ronda Rousey has now stolen the UFC spotlight and for good reasons, of course…

Unity for All

Julia’s World Attitude

Sports in society has proven to bring nations worldwide together in celebration of their countries represented at major events such as the Olympics. Athletic endeavors in whichever shape, way, or form have no hidden language and are not defined by race, gender, or religious beliefs. It’s these special events that honor the art of sports itself showing pride and respect for all people in every nation.

Shaping Society

US Embassy in Zimbabwe

If we think about this simply, it’s not difficult to understand how society is shaped by the impact of worldwide sports play. Professional athletes have many fans that support their profession and admire their athletic abilities. Fans will go as far as wearing clothing representing that athlete just to show support and admiration for the bravery of competing itself. These are respected role models by people whom they’ve never met but continue to perform well for every nation to take pride in sports as a whole.


Top 5 Healthiest Sports To Play

A recent sports study was conducted on various sports to determine which provided the best health benefits we all seek. Of the studied sports were tennis, squash, rowing, swimming, and running.

Below, we have listed five sports considered to be the healthiest based on factors such as cardio and muscular endurance, possible injury risks, and the calories used during a 30-minute exercise session. Here’s what we found…

#1 Squash

This is considered to be at the top of the list of healthiest sports. This is due to the flexibility characteristics involved as well as the high levels of cardio and muscular endurance required to play this game. It was also noted that squash burns a significant amount of calories over a period of 30 minutes.

#2 Rowing

Rated at number two as this does have a high cardio and muscular endurance rate. However, the activity of rowing itself did not prove to burn a high amount of calories over a 30 minute period. An added advantage to this low-key sport is the low risk of injuries encountered.

#3 Swimming

Coming in at number three is this very popular aerobic sport! It has a moderate amount of injury risks due to the nature of the sport. However, it does up the levels of cardio and muscular endurance which pushes up the stamina needed for long distance swimming.

#4 Running

Running requires a lot of physical strength and stamina which pushes cardio and muscular levels up. Regular running has been proven to increase bone density and strength. Keep running along now…

#5 Tennis

Considered to be one of the best aerobic activities due to the energy exertion from mini sprinting and other technical moves performed during a tense game. It has a high-calorie burn count with just 30 minutes of exercise. Your serve!

We all want to be in the know of what the healthiest and most beneficial sports are these days. People want to know what will be beneficial for their sports goals like endurance, stamina, muscle tone, and weight loss to name a few. Keep active!

The Importance of Sports in Schools

School sports is not just about regular physical activities anymore. Sports educators have made it quite clear that the importance of physical exercise not only improves mental awareness but also improves a child’s self-esteem. This is imperative throughout any child’s schooling career and for good reason.

Learning Values Through Sports

Physical pursuits, be it basketball or tennis, should be pursued for the enjoyment of the game more so than just the general health benefits.

Playing sports in school instills many things in children. These include working as a team, leadership skills, sportsmanship, and self-discipline. Being a top sports player in school teaches everyone about the values of perseverance, opportunity, and hard work which leads to better skills.

Health Benefits

Most of us know the general health benefits of participating in a sport. Physical activity affects our weight and muscle tone. It lowers the risk of potential diseases and strengthens our immune system.

Protecting the Heart

Cardiovascular exercises help keep the heart from blocking oxygen and blood flow through the arteries. Ultimately, better blood circulation.

Disease Prevention

Regular exercise decreases the risks of developing diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity as a result of bad eating habits and lack of exercise. Strength exercises lower the risks of the progression of osteoporosis.

This means that bones are strengthened by regular exercise minimizing bone loss and fractures. It also improves your overall balance. High blood pressure, caused by various things like stress, can significantly decrease as a result of physical sports play. This lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Positive Emotions

Participating in sports improves the overall outlook one has on life. This is due to the release of endorphins when engaging in exercise. When one excels in their favorite sports, the result being a naturally boosted self-esteem.

As we can see from the elaborations of the overall impact of sports in schools clearly shows just how important it is to keep these opportunities and facilities available to school children. Keeping active on the sports field is not just good for your physical health but your mental well being too!